About: Open Humans / Fitbit Intraday Connection

Fitbit is a manufacturer of activity tracking and other wellness devices. Depending on the device you use, this may include: steps, heartrate, sleep tracking, weight, and/or body fat composition. This website can be used to retrieve and store detailed "intraday" data in your Open Humans account, in an ongoing manner. Once you add this data to Open Humans, you can choose to share or explore it!

Check out this project's activity page to see how notebooks, projects, and members are using & sharing this data. (Once connected, you can also find your data on this page!)

For a simpler process and/or less detailed data: our standand Fitbit connection can be used to retrieve and store daily Fitbit data.

This site is managed by Open Humans and follows the same terms of use. Data stored in Open Humans is private by default: it's your personal archive and always available to you, and you choose when to share with others.

Data access & data management

Fitbit data: The Fitbit API gives this project ongoing access to data, which we will collect and store for you in Open Humans in an ongoing manner. This includes: steps, heartrate, sleep tracking, weight, and/or body fat composition data.

Data files created by the app are stored in your Open Humans account and are always visible to you on the project activity page.

The Fitbit API also gives us access to data we will not copy into your Open Humans account, including: username, friend IDs, and social activity on their site. Access to this data is unavoidable due to how Fitbit operates, but we won't store it.

Other data: This project stores tokens for Open Humans and Fitbit authorizations, but has no further access to your Open Humans account data beyond the data files it stores.

Removing this connection: You can visit the project activity page in Open Humans to remove this connection within Open Humans and, optionally, delete associated data files.

Code & deployment

This project website is an open source Django app, and is deployed using Heroku. It uses our standard APIs to interact with the main platform. That means you could build something like it! We love to support projects created by others – please chat with us in our community slack.